The Queen's Park FC Foundation Newsletter - 3rd Edition

Hi folks! We hope everyone had a wonderful festive period with some well deserved time off! We have been hard at work over at the Foundation developing new programmes, initatives, and much more. The 3rd edition of our Newsletter is has all the details on our new SFA Club Accreditation Award, Player Celebration Evening, new programmes, and more information about our work in the community!

Inspiring Women

Play On

Inspiring Women is a new educational programme from Queen’s Park FC Foundation. Launching earlier this month with its first topic “Inspiring Women – in Sport”

 The Foundation is running an 8 week programme supporting P4 & P5 pupils from selected local primary schools to learn about six inspiring sportswomen from across the globe, and discover their journeys to personal and professional success despite the marginalisation and injustice they faced. 


Pupils of all genders will be supported to develop their awareness and understanding of the power of female role models, the importance of collective action to recognise and respond to sexism and misogyny in both sport and society and take inspiration to pursue their personal goals! 


We caught up with project coordinator Suzanne Winters who shared her excitement for the new project:

“Thinking back to my primary school, there were no opportunities for this type of learning. I love how each athlete’s story involves overcoming adversity, which is so important to inspire the next generation. Crucially, this programme is equally directed towards boys who might otherwise have never considered the challenges that girls and women face in sport and their role in oppose these injustices.” 


Education Manager, Jacqueline John, added:


 “We are delighted with the feedback we have received from pupils and teachers regarding their Inspiring Women sessions. Each class has enjoyed rich discussions about the adversities faced by women in their sporting fields. The sessions provide opportunities for reflection, discovery and innovation, helping pupils to consider how they, like the women they learn about, can make positive changes to challenge inequalities in sport.”  



‘Play On’ is a project crafted for individuals aged 55 and over. This initiative introduces age-appropriate physical activities with a focus on nurturing both physical and mental well-being. Participants engage in a diverse range of interactive games and activities, benefitting from key themes: physical and mental health & well-being, working memory, and intergenerational work.



In collaboration with Glasgow’s Golden Generation, our contributions have found resonance, particularly through the Football Memories initiative at the David Cargill Day Care Centre. The rise in participation gave natural progression to the “Play On” program, addressing the important facets of combating loneliness and promoting the holistic well-being of our Older Generation in the Community.



Jade West, Community Development Manager, believes that ‘Play On’ will have a meaningful impact for staying physically and mentally active while enjoying a sense of community:



It has been wonderful to receive such a positive response to the Play On program from participants and partnering organisations who have enjoyed our activities. It has been particularly nice to see the developments in people’s confidence, and their willingness to try out something new physically, with support from their peers and our team who have been focusing on working inclusively and building participation and engagement with different elements of the programme, supporting the individual’s as well as group needs to thrive.

 Let’s collectively enhance wellbeing through shared experiences!



SFA Club Accreditation Award

We have an exciting update regarding our SFA accredited quality mark! Over the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes to reach the next accreditation level designated by the SFA. We have recently been awarded the Silver mark due to our improved structure, administration, planning, and player welfare.

We would like to thank all the staff from our community teams, players, parents and guardians, and the SFA. The efforts of everyone involved have contributed to our new accreditation and we hope that this support only increases as we strive towards being Gold accredited in the near future.

Player Celebration Evenings

 Over the course of the past few weeks, we have hosted our Player Celebration Evenings at The City Stadium and have welcomed our players, coaches, staff, volunteers, and parents and guardians in celebrating our Community Teams and the boys’ and girls’ who make them up.
John McNeil, Football Development Manager, was joined by the Foundation’s General Manager, Chris Priestley, at The City Stadium in welcoming and recognising the achievements and merits of our boys’ and girls’ teams. On Monday 8 January we hosted our 2016 & 2017 boys, followed by our 2014 & 2015 squads on Tuesday, the 2012 & 2013 teams on Wednesday, and the last of our boys’ squads Friday with our 2010 & 2011 players. On Monday 15 January we hosted the last of our celebration evenings, with our girls’ U8 & U10 squads.
John McNeil has this to say about the events:
On reflection, I’m incredibly proud of the nights that we had to celebrate the great success stories within our community teams, the players’ enthusiasm throughout the season and on the nights was exceptional and a credit to us all.
The efforts of all our staff and volunteers in the build-up and on the nights is something I’m extremely grateful for as without it, the nights would not have been as successful and smooth as they were. The parents’ commitment to their kids’ football is fantastic and something that the Foundation and kids should not take for granted. We are extremely thankful for it.
I’ve been taken aback by the kind and thoughtful words of those who attended the nights over the past two weeks, it really is appreciated.
Thank you
John McNeil,
Football Development Manager