The Queen's Park FC Foundation Newsletter

Hi folks! At the Foundation we hope that everyone has a had a fun and entertaining Summer and is as excited as we are that the football season has began. We have listened to your feedback and will be looking to put out a frequent newsletter detailing everything that is happening within the Foundation and our fantastic community teams.


Training Restructuring

Home on the Horizon

Nethercraigs Sports Complex has kindly given the Foundation access to use the training facilities for all of our community teams. We hope that this helps ease travel/transport difficulties some parents may have had with our previous training structure, held across multiple venues.

Over the Summer our coaches have been hard at work developing a new training programme which will see the introduction of Street Football and Futsal, providing more positive and engaging individual development opportunities. 

  • My Club Hub has been implemented – providing a one-stop shop for all of our programmes.
  • Developing our training regime also includes coaches, having regular coaches’ in-services and in-house CPD (Continuous Professional Development) sessions to see what works most effectively and how we can keep improving players and coaches development.


Community Heroes


Many of our teams have seen some great success during the beginning of the season and at the Foundation we believe that the efforts of all involved should be shared and celebrated. Our Girls U14 squad got off to a flying start winning there first match and then going on the following week to secure their first 3 points!



An excellent job from all the players and from David, Mark, Rachael, and Lauren!

Communication is Key!


PLO meetings will be held more frequently throughout the year.


The introduction of player feedback evenings held twice year (summer and winter), providing feedback on youngsters’ development and progress from their respective coaches.



TOTW posts have been introduced on our media channels, providing more frequent updates on development of all squads.

Player Celebration Evening

We are aiming to host our highly anticipated player celebration evening, towards the end of the year. 

Preliminary dates are looking at the month of December, upon further consultation we will assess the specific date and duly notify all parties. 

General Manager

We would like to announce that the Foundation has hired Chris Priestley in the position of General Manager, and would like to say a few words about his appointment.  


I am delighted to join the Queens Park FC Foundation as their new general manager. The foundation has a vital role in serving its community and I look forward to its continuing development as a centre for sport, social action, and lifelong learning.

One of the core roles for the foundation is to deliver impactful and enjoyable community football. With over a decades experience as a football coach in both performance and a recreational contexts, as well as six years managing community football projects within Glasgow, I am eager to support our Football Development Manager John McNeil, and the entire community football coaching team with their ambitions to grow and improve foundation football both on and off the pitch.

Thank you to all the players, coaches, volunteers, friends, family members, and other supporters that have already given so much to community football. I look forward to sharing in your successes in the years to come.


Warm regards,