’In the Mixer’ – Brand New Programme

Through our exciting new food initative, Queen’s Park FC Foundation is working closely with local families, with the aim of improving nutrition, improving mental health and wellbeing and helping to tackle food poverty with local families in Glasgow’s Southside through our new one-pot cooking class “In the mixer”.

The Foundation are on a mission to create dignified and accessible opportunities that help foster strong community connections, build confidence, create experiences to learn new skills in a therapeutic environment to help our local community thrive and live healthier, happier lives

Across the six weeks, cooking along with their community chef, families will develop basic food hygiene, handling and preparation skills, with the added benefits of enjoying the free meal cooked together plus the socialising aspects. 

Young people will attend their youth club simultaneously, learning, playing and eating together at the end of the lessons too.

All meals will comprise of culturally and religiously accessible food, encompassing the Foundation’s values of inclusivity and empowerment.

To register your interest, or commit to booking your families space, please email the
Foundation directly at: