Foundation forging new passions in pupils

In October, Mrs. Connor, a teacher at Kings Park Primary School, noticed that her class was filled with avid football fans who often struggled with writing, storytelling, and certain math concepts. Determined to find a way to captivate their interest, Mrs. Connor, herself a football enthusiast, saw the impending Euros as the perfect opportunity to engage her pupils through their shared passion.


 Dubbed “Football Focus,” this innovative initiative proved to be a game-changer for the students.


 Following the winter break, Football Focus shifted its focus to women in football and the behind-the-scenes aspects of the game. Mrs. Connor reached out to Charlie Bennet at The Queen’s Park FC Foundation, who shared ideas and connected the class with Suzanne Winters. Suzanne became an integral part of the project, visiting the class twice a week for five weeks. Her presence was nothing short of brilliant.


 Under Suzanne’s guidance, the students delved into various topics beyond their initial expectations. They explored area and perimeter by examining the dimensions of a football pitch, learned about the financial aspects of the game, and discovered the prominent women involved with Queen’s Park and Scottish football. Additionally, Suzanne provided insights on how to commentate at a football match, which ignited the students’ excitement and enthusiasm.



To gain practical experience, the class watched Suzanne in action on Sky Sports and interviewed her for valuable tips. They then collaborated in small groups to add voiceovers to matches, such as Scotland’s victory over Spain, as well as their own matches in the school’s gym hall. The students were not only enthusiastic but also demonstrated remarkable note-taking skills.


Remarkably, the impact of Football Focus extended beyond the field. Reluctant readers and writers who may have struggled previously began to flourish, with their newfound interest in football translating to improved skills on paper. Mrs. Connor witnessed a remarkable transformation in her students, and their growth was a testament to the power of engaging education and creating growth through football.


Looking ahead, Football Focus is set to continue with other students in the upcoming sessions. Mrs. Connor and her team are excited about the prospects of this ongoing project, as it continues to ignite the passion for learning, both on and off the field, using the universal language of football.


Football Focus at Kings Park Primary School stands as a shining example of how educators can harness students’ interests to foster engagement, improve skills, and create a positive learning environment. By embracing the power of football, Mrs. Connor has successfully turned the classroom into a field of inspiration and learning, leaving a lasting impact on her students’ educational journey.